The End

And so we close the book on the first interesting chapter in Edmund Moulde’s life.

I want to thank you all for reading, and coming along with me on this little experimental journey of mine and Edmund’s. I have learned a lot, and will definitely use these lessons in my future work.

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As may be suggested by the last post, this is not Edmund’s last chapter. After all, like he said way back when Matron Moulde brought him to her house, ‘The hero need to die at the end. Otherwise, it’s not really an ending — it’s just where the storyteller got tired of telling the story.’

And I’m not tired yet…


Intermission – A Yuletide Interlude

Edmund will return on Monday!

Until then, may your Holidays be filled with reminders:

Remember this world is a great and wonderful place to live.
Remember your loved ones love you in return.
Remember that the future will be full of both Pleasure and Pain.Remember today may be too soon.
Remember tomorrow may be too late.
Remember those who are Here.
Remember those who are not.
Remember to care for those who need it.
Remember it’s okay to cry.
Remember it’s okay to smile.
Remember the Easy way isn’t always the Right way.
Remember Success can lie.
Remember Failures can too.
Remember you are Better than you are afraid of.

And when all else fails, Remember you have the power to touch everyone around you in a myriad of simple and wonderful ways. Take care of this power and use it responsibly.
And good luck to you all.