About the Author

Conceived of and written by Nathan Thompson, author of such stories as “The Watch in the Sand,” now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other eBook distributors. You can also find some other examples of his writing on Smashwords.
Nathan is based in Evanston IL, where he is a company member of Idle Muse Theatre Company, The Piccolo Theatre Ensemble, and he is also on the Board of Fake Geek Girl Productions, a company dedicated to advancing female-driven geekdom.

Portrait and Banner done with class and by Ilana Brodsky (http://i-brodsky.tumblr.com/) All images, Edmund, The Macabre Tale itself, are copy-written by their respective owners.


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I’ve read A Watch In the Sand twice and in light of resent social media events it’s getting more chilling. How did you ever come up with such an accurate prophecy? Do you have any more dire warning for our world?


    • Heh, I’m no prophet; I just got lucky (if you can call it that). I came up with the idea after listening to an NPR story (maybe Radiolab? It was years ago…) about advances in cellular engineering, and bio-computing. The idea of nano-bots isn’t new, so I explored “bio-nano-bots” and what it might really mean if we could be FILLED with robots that monitored our every breath, every cell, every pulse. What would we do with that?
      That’s why it was a vignette story; I came up with all these different ideas, and wanted to do a quick dip into each one. The overarching story about the Event seemed a perfectly logical conclusion, after that…
      I’m delighted the story has stuck with you, though. It’s stuck with me as well. As for further warnings? I’m no wiser or smarter than you are. Do your best, BE your best, and we’ll make it through as best we can, right?


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