Edmund’s Notebook 18: Pull it Together


Image: A Young Scholar, Tyne & Wear Archives; Museums

Excerpt from “Sir Edmund Moulde Revisited” by Sir Loomus Kohlm, DFA, MRD, NDA:

And what about his final period? Despite the inept views and shallow musings of Mr. Walther Krink, it is clear that Sir Edmund took it upon himself to become something of a messiah figure, neatly circumventing the martyrdom necessary for such an appropriate designation; rather than embracing the label of ‘bootstrappy orphan’ that my poorly mentally unfit college thinks is so apropos.
A thorough and intricate study of the following poem entitled “Pull it Together” displays this most clearly:

Pull it together.
Don’t let them see the cracks.
Sealed like a wall from the worst of the winds,
Plastered against the snows and soot of outside.
Composed, collected, displaying the best,From the family, for the family,
Pull it together, together.
Because together is better
Than apart.


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