Edmund’s Notebook 17: A Taste for Vengance


Image: A Young Scholar, Tyne & Wear Archives; Museums

Excerpt from “Patron Lord Edmund Moulde and his Marvelous Musings” by Sir Wather Krink, PhD, DFA:

Despite the inability for some noted scholars, such as the doubtlessly flattered-to-be-mentioned Sir Loomus Kohlm, it is evident from many of his writings that Sir Edmund Moulde had his angry side. Although after speaking with two noted Graphologists, it is clear from his steady hand and forceful pressure of the pen on the page, that his anger stemmed not from unthinking animal passion, but from cold and calculating logic. This is best exemplified in the following poem, A Taste for Vengeance.

The taste in my mouth is copper and brass,
I taste it on the tip of my tongue.
My heart beats with the strength of a bull,Hot breath boils inside my lung.

The pain in my heart is aching and pure,
And it shivers and quivers in strife,
And I feel this torture might leave me todayAs soon as I pick up the knife.

For to hurt me is to hurt my family’s blood,
And spit in my family’s face.
And sin must be fought, and evil vanquished,
And a warning put up in its place.

My family may hurt me, may jibe and deride,
It may mock, perhaps scorn or offend.But if you dare attempt to match them in spite,
I will tirelessly work towards your end.


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