Edmund’s Notebook 16: Down, Down, Down


Image: A Young Scholar, Tyne &Wear Archives; Museums

Excerpt from “Born from Ashes: A Learned Study of Patron Lord Edmund Moulde and his Writings” by Sir Loomus Kohlm, DFA, MRD, NDA:

Perhaps most interesting, in the entire annuls of Sir Edmund Moulde’s great poetic history, is the poem simply titled ‘Down, Down, Down.’

Found in the seventh Unpublished Notebook of Poems, the title appears at the top of a loose page that had obviously been crumpled and mostly burned before being used as a macabre bookmark. No other words are legible on this page.

Nowhere in Sir Edmund’s vast collection of writings is there any indication of what this poem might have contained, and Sir Edmund himself was famously tight lipped on the subject. As a result, countless pet theories, such as the laughably nonsensical idea offered by my respected and otherwise learned college, Sir Wather Krink, that this poem was somehow connected to the random sketches of burning skeletons that were peppered throughout his notebooks, have become quite fashionable. 


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