Edmund’s Notebook 15: Happy


Image: A Young Scholar, Tyne & Wear Archives; Museums

Excerpt from “Wroght Iron Words: the Poetry and Prose of Patron Lord Edmund Moulde” by Sir Wather Krink, PhD, DFA:

In his Manic period, the words of Lord Edmund Moulde, at the time Master Moulde, became effusively saccharine, suggesting a mind unmoored from the torments and ennui that had been the foundation of his life for so long. This disjointed nature is perhaps best exemplified in the seminal piece from the period, reprinted below with permission from the Moulde Estate:

A bubble in the chest,
Covered in soft,
Clear and bright,
Colors everywhere,
But not leaving,

This untitled poem has been used by several researchers, including the awkwardly respected Sir Loomus Kohlm, to suggest that the Manic period of Lord Edmund Moulde coincided with an experimentation with powerful narcotics, but this absurd and obviously unsubstantiated opinion will not be dignified with discussion here.