Intermission: Tales from Cliffside – The Skyrail 5

Image: Untitled,

“There!” Tomas’s tinny voice came from the thin tube next to Dorathy’s ears. “The signal! She’s all yours, Dorathy!”

Dorathy flipped her green-tinted goggles down over her eyes, and gripped the two levers that controlled the Broadsides. “This boom’s for you, Cap!” she shouted, and squeezed hard. The entire Skyrail shook as the Broadsides exploded with flame. Two massive keg sized bullets shot out from the massive double-barreled cannon that dominated the middle car of the Skyrail, heading straight for the merchant ship. The first bullet barely missed, hitting the water half a yard away from the hull, spraying water up to the deck. The second bullet, however, hit the side of the midship squarely, cracking the metal like an egg.

“Not quite enough powder in the left barrel, I think, dear,” Mrs. Jennings’ clucking filtered through the echo of the explosion. Dorathy stuck her tongue out at the tube, and slipped out of her chair, grabbing her harpoon gun as she ran to the drop-bay.
Tomas and Mrs. Jennings were already set, their hands tightly gripping two of the metal choppers that held on tightly to the three ropes that dangled from the ceiling. Dorathy grabbed the last, and nodded.

“Ready,” she said, pulling the harpoon gun from her shoulders. Tomas grinned.
“Let’s join the fun!” He shouted, as he reached over and threw the door-switch.

With a sickening clang, the floor vanished to be replaced with water. A sickening distance below them, the Merchant ship swam gamely onwards towards Cliffside, while they looked on from above. The ends of the ropes not gripping the Skyrail fell towards the ocean with Tomas, Dorathy, and Mrs. Jennings following soon after.

With her free hand, Dorathy pulled the small rip-cord that surrounded the top of her Chopper, and was rewarded with a sputtering whir as the metal blades that encircled the device spun to life. She felt her descent slow as the Chopper ushered her downwards, following the rope towards the water.

She could see the soldiers on the ship now, running about, looking for someone to fire at, no doubt. Well, she thought, no sense in denying them their wish. She hoisted her harpoon gun to her shoulder, aimed, and fired.

The force of the blast caused her to swing back and forth, spinning around the rope like a top, but the Chopper stabilized her quickly, and the world stopped spinning just as her harpoon sunk into the deck of the ship, not a half yard from one soldier’s foot. He only had just enough time to look at it, bemused, before the harpoon exploded, ripping him out of his boots and into the water.

A series of loud popping noises made her glance at Tomas, his automatic air-gun spitting slivers of steel through the air like angry hornets, cutting down confused and frightened soldiers. Mrs. Jennings was already almost on the deck. Dorathy squeezed hard on her Chopper’s handle, accelerating her descent. She wasn’t about to let Mrs. Jennings have all the fun.


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