Edmund’s Notebook 9: Resolve


Image: A Young Scholar, Tyne & Wear Archives; Museums

A Poem in the style of the poet Alam Beets:

I woke up today, different than I was.
I was wearing no coat, nor hat. I was not washed, nor fed. I awoke a newborn child.
But I did not forget, as newborns must, the things that came before.

I remember bread and butter for breakfast.
I remember hot showers and cold dinners.
I remember joy and strife,
And pain,
And life.

I wonder as I wake, if I forgot these things before, or if I merely decided they weren’t important.
But born anew, along with the day, I stretch and remember.

I remember it is a New Day.
I am a New Man.
I am prepared,
And the World must prepare for me.


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