Edmund’s Notebook 3: Alone


Image: A Young Scholar, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

A Poem, written in the style of Sir Peeres Ekes:

I sit alone in a darkened house,
Where nothing stirs to make it my home.
I find my thoughts as a timid mouse,
And I have no desire to roam.

Perhaps I now have no place to be,
A room that sits and belongs to me,For now all that I can plainly see,
Is that I am quite shrinking alone.

And there is no sky above nor sun,
That may lift my heart again to run,Or of hopes and dreams to find a one,
For now I am quite darkling alone.

I once had a room of rotting wall,
A roof of holes and of rafters tall,
And a harpy that my name did call,I was not so quite shiv’ring alone.

And now I sob in a huddled sphere,
And hope that no one hears my ennui,
I’m lost in a maze with danger near,
Now I wonder what’s coming for me?


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